Faulty nolo

I received my nolo, i paired it, but all i see when i launch steam is gray. Is it normal that base station vibrates?


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    Yes the base station vibrates because there are two motors inside it.

    Gray sounds like the headmarker is facing the wrong way or cannot be tracked, how is it attached to your headset and what headset are you using?

    Is the base station light solid green when it's on the shelf/place it sits? (peel the clear plastic coating layers off!)

    If you're using RiftCat I really recommend using the NOLO untethered method over a 5GHz Wireless AC network instead of cable tethering: http://blog.riftcat.com/2017/08/dev-update-32.html

    The steps to do that in a short-form are here:

    Once your phone and laptop are on the same network (laptop can be plugged in by ethernet) and RiftCat finds it, that part of the setup should be okay! (assuming it streams well).

    The NOLO then should be plugged directly from headset marker into the phone using the OTG cable that comes with it.

    Are you using the latest beta software for RiftCat on PC and your Android phone?

    You'll want to sign up to beta test on the phone: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.riftcat.vridge

    and in the PC program set it up to use the beta version

    Make sure any other software that controls USB devices (eg: VirtualHere) are uninstalled on your phone, or they'll block RiftCat.

    Then while RiftCat is open plug in the NOLO head marker and it should ask to open automatically when NOLO detected ,choose yes.

    Then on PC all you need to do is close the NOLO software (it's not used on the PC anymore, RiftCat handles it) and in RiftCat set it to Phone Sensors only.

    Turn on your base station and controllers if you haven't already, then you're good to go!
  • Hello! Thank you for reply. So the tracker is facing right way and im using gear vr with 5ghz router. I have my base station placed on table and i peeled of plastic. It does not show me green light but it shows me red light. I have done pairing process like million times and when i turn on controllers they are green and marker too and when i check on pc it shows everything is connected and has battery charged. I really dont know anymore what to do, i hope nolo answers, or if at least you can help me.
  • If the base station is red it either needs charge or the surface it is on vibrates too much (although usually it flashed green sometimes in the second case)
  • The best way to test if the tracking is working correctly is by using the visualizer from the Nolo drivers.

    Make sure the headset marker is facing the base station and double press the power button on each controller (one at a time) to align orientation. You should also put the headset on the floor in the middle of your play area and short press the button on the marker to set the floor position.

    It does not show me green light but it shows me red light. 

    Just to be sure, you're talking about the light in the power button on top right?
  • Im already talking with nolo, all i get is red light on top. its fully charged, i tried visualizer, i cant move at all... Nolo support said that tommorow they will tell me more.
  • Nolo does not work at all. It is worthless and they will not respond back after I have asked several times for a refund. They are a scam.
  • Stop the lazy spamming @Waymos I have replied to you here: http://forums.nolovr.com/discussion/506/nolo-basestation-repair-cn#latest

    I wish you put as much effort (and a bit more thought) into getting your NOLO configured properly as you do spamming and lying about it.
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