Base station bug - flickering (shakey) head position


After about two weaks using nolo vr, a bug was occurred: 
Head position was moving randomly on the scene, even behind them.
I was recorded a quick, 25 seconds video of problem:

It was only on nolo, it happends just like that.
It is even strange, becouse moving around and walking and controllers working well.
*the configuration is standard over usb.

I was see a some people have similar problem:


  • On the mobile vr is the same:
  • Try pairing everything back up and let them charge for a few hours?  Also is the light on the base station flashing green/red?
  • The light on the base station is green, and pair evertyhing again nothing changes :(
    (ofc fully charged)
  • How far away from the sensor are you? and are you playing in a room with too much sunlight or reflective surfaces (glass/glossy) ?

    Maybe try placing the headset on the floor, then double tapping the button on the head marker while it's running.
  • I have the same problem and i went to a dark room with zero glass but the problem is there
  • OK i was fixed this problem by turning off mobile data lol xD

    This headset marker is too susceptible for interferences !!!

    So happy end, discussion may be closed :) 
  • Glad that mobile data disabling helped! Airplane mode helps with temperatures too! (overheating is common when data is on)
  • Yeach, i don't have any issue right now, becouse i have opened back, and i was switch to gear vr and lg g4, this is my custom made:

  • edited August 2017
    This is an interesting and unexpected result.

    So not only sunlight and reflexive surfaces affect NOLO but radio waves affect it too. Holly crap. That means too much for me: turn off my mobile net, my router, and who knows what else.
    By the way, what about TV remote ? Should it be turned off too ?

  • Only radio waves on the same spectrum as what the NOLO use....whatever it uses? I know it uses IR and ultrasonic but I don't know if it has bluetooth or another form of wireless between the controller and headset
  • @popos1 Hi! sorry to bother, but could you please elaborate your solution fo the gearvr + LG G4 + Nolo?
  • @Tux0Topo I'm just creating a video on youtube with a tutorial on how to do it :)
    I will create a new topic about this.
  • @popos1 Thanks!! I'm waiting for it!! (and there will make all question needed :D )
  • What about people that do not use mobile device but Pimax and still have the bouncing problem? It is not the lights, or the base and controllers charged enough. It is the base station messed up. I can use my pimax without the nolo and its fine. The moment nolo base is turned on it bounces. I sent the data analyze but was not able to find the video recording from the program. Anyone else tried it?
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