"Center" of the game zone goes to the right. Drift base station.

Good afternoon. I have a problem. The base station I hang on the ceiling, I play on 360. When I start to play everything well, but after about 30 minutes of playing the "center" of the game zone goes to the right. Because of this, the position of the head and controllers is not properly monitored, and it becomes impossible to play. Tell me what to do.


  • Try placing the headset on the floor and double tap the head marker button
  • I tried it first. Does not help.
  • Hmm I'm not so sure then
  • You have to go to the settings in VR through Steam. If you are on steam, press the home button to bring on the Vive menu. It usually shows your app to the left, desktop view in the middle and the Settings on the right. In settings to the lower right it says to Reset Sitting. I've just starting doing that to fix it. I can not get the Ceiling to work but this fixes my Play Center. After hitting the 180 button to spin in game I've noticed that shifts/drifts the Play Center for me.
  • Does not help too.
  • @Mrdominic215 Which headset were you playing with? We do have this center shifting problem when we use the 180 spin function with PiMax. We are fixing it with PiMax team now.
  • @admin i use oculus dk2.
  • Tried to remove the base station from the ceiling and put as usual, in front of you, that is, play 180 degrees. The problem has been preserved, the center still floats to the right.
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