selling my NOLO with LG G3, VOX+ headset, and 3D printed pieces

You've probably seen my posts throughout reddit and facebook groups, I got in a massive bike accident over the weekend and do not think I will be able to enjoy VR again due to a pretty awful concussion ... hopefully someone else can enjoy it on my behalf. It all is in working order.

Selling my NOLO VR setup (all accessories) alongside an LG G3 which works flawlessly at native QHD resolution and 60 FPS. Also including my VOX VR headset too. Willing to ship. I will provide some 3D printed accessories as well such as a gun stock and door mount for base station I curated (remixed from past things), and a ceiling mount as well if you want (

Looking for $300 USD, but will entertain offers. Posting here first before eBay since they go pretty quick there from past views...

comment below or message me here.


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