weird tracking values in riftcat(vridge) beta settings

I have quite sever problems with positional tracking from the hmd. The controllers works just fine.

If I long press the nolo settings in the latest vridge beta and check the values there the controllers seems just fine. they display 1 if in range and 0 if they are out of range. and if i place them on the table the values for both rotation and position is complete still. no fluctoation. 

BUT the headmarker always displays as in range (1) even if i totally cover it up or hide it behind something. The values for rotation is still when i leave it on a table but the values for position jumps all over the place :S 

Is this right? are your nolo's reporting the same thing in the vridge nolo settings?


  • Hmm that tells me there's maybe some signal reflecting around in your room. Any glass shelves / mirrors/ glossy surfaces?
  • Hi! No i have tried to remove all such things. It worked for a few days but suddenly started doing this  :D i think its something to do with the firmware in the hmd maybe? 
  • Does time of day help? If it works good at night then sunlight could be an issue
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