second base station?

Good afternoon! Is there any information about the sale of the second base station? when playing when the base station on the ceiling to take objects from the floor is very uncomfortable.


  • There has been no confirmation from NOLO team that a second base station will be an option in the near or distant future. They also have not confirmed if such a change would also require new head markers and controllers, but I imagine that will be the case.
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    They said they would test it out, but seeing the slow progress on improving the drivers, I doubt they have done much in regards to these devices.

    As said above, more than likely now that they will bring out a second product.
    Or they will stick to MobileVR.
  • Sorry for the late reply.Originally NOLO was made for Mobile VR. Considering the affordability and ease of use, we do not have a plan for the second base station yet.But we are working to make a new product to provide a better experience.
  • @NOLO_TEAM but mobile vr may require in some games 360 degrees and so.
  • @popos1 I am not so sure, after playing both with my NOLO and Oculus Rift, for roomscale SteamVR games in front facing (and rotating past 180 degrees with the awesome WalkinVR software) I have found there's almost no game that is unplayable with a 180 degree setup and a button combination to rotate the world space around them. Games designed to prefer a front-facing setup (eg: Robo Recall and any game that supports controller touchpad/thumbstick turning) are often even a little more enjoyable than the experience I had previously had with a HTC VIVE with a cable coming from above.

    In the case of wired setups, the best way to avoid getting twisted up in the cables is to play front-facing.

    Always facing forward and being alerted when you turn too far helps with avoiding disorientation as well.
  • @popos1 Considering that (at least for now) NOLO is the only room scale solution available for mobile VR, games will definitely be designed for front-facing.
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