Get 20% off the OSVR HDK 2 with every NOLO CV1 purchase!

UNRESTRICTED, AFFORDABLE VIRTUAL REALITY. That’s both OSVR and NOLO VR want to provide. OSVR is a movement founded to create a universal open source VR ecosystem for technologies across different brands and companies. Giving you the freedom to combine different brands of HMDs and Controllers to experience VR the way they want to. Find out more at


No matter you’ve supported NOLO on Kickstarter, or pre-ordered on NOLO website, now you can get a code for 20% off on the OSVR HDK 2.


For Kickstarter backers, please provide:

Kickstarter User Name:



For pre-oder customers, please provide:

Customer Name:



After we confirm your information, we will send you a 20% off code via forum message.

The code is only valid during May 30th to June 13th. Use the Code at checkout to get 20% off on the OSVR HDK2.


Game on!


  • Kickstarter User Name: Roel

    Backer#: 164

    Kickstarter Email:

  • Kickstarter user name: David Courtemanche
    Backer #88
  • Haven't received any codes yet. Is there anything else you need to know from me?
  • Kickstarter user name: narin
    Backer #507
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