Riftcat update

Hi guys I asked the Riftcat team about Wireless update s for Nolo vr and ceiling mounted update and this was their reply :)

RiftCat We have some new NOLO-related things implemented already but we didn't want to push a partial update without all the changes included because some of the missing things could break the implemented things once the full update was finished,

Some of the changes require NOLO devs to provide additional data to us, it slows things down because we need to synchronize all work together - to make sure our drivers are going to play nice with each other.

We cannot give a solid timeframe of the release but we should have something ready in early to mid October. If we can't make everything work right by then, we'll release whatever is ready and then deploy rest of the changes in another update later, once everything will be finished.


  • Why is it that everybody that's trying to make things work better with the Nolo vr is waiting for their devs to get back to them... It's crazy they are shooting themselves in the foot.. this forum is quickly becoming a thing of the past.. nobody is posting as nothing is moving on or improving!! 
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