OSVR and HDK2: calibration failure

My controllers are not properly aligned. I tried to double tap the system button and it makes the tone, but still the controllers point in different directions and always in units of 45 degrees off. Sometimes one points 90 degrees from the other and sometimes, like in SteamVR, they are parallel to each other, but both off 90 or 180 degrees from the headset center. I've tried recentering the headset, which works great, but the Nolo is always wrong. Also, when trying to setup SteamVR in room mode, the play area is never where I establish it with the nolo. How can I align or calibrate this? 


  • Please try the Visualizer on the NOLO driver and see if there is the same problem. If not, please try the following steps.

    During the setup,
     please insure that the headset marker is always facing the base station directly.

    1. Recenter the headset on the OSVR driver.
    2. Run Steam VR, do the steam VR room setup.
    3. Go into a game, double click the system button to calibrate the orientation.

  • Thanks for the help. I just tried again and was able to get the Visualizer to work but then I tried SteamVR and it didn't work. I decided to quit everything and try from a clean point. I ran the OSVR server and tracker and all was well. Then I ran the Nolo app and it showed only the Base Station Connected and this was despite green lights on HMD marker and on each controller.  I tried three times to pair the devices and get the same result each time. All green lights, but only HMD marker connected in app. Visuallizer shows devices in center and won't move. 
  • Here is exactly what I did:
    1) rebooted windows 10
    Left Nolo gear alone (all green lights on marker and controllers, base station spinning)
    Note that steam launches in background, but not SteamVR)
    2) started OSVR server, ran tracker view and recentered - all fine
    3) launched Nolo app - same as before all green lights, but status shows only base station connected despite green lights. HMD front and centered
    4) repaired
       a. held pairing button on base station until red lights stop
       b. press button on tracker until chime
       c. press controller pairing buttons until red light goes off
       d. quick press base station pairing button 
       e. marker goes green, after pressing system button on each controller, they go green, system tray still shows only base station connected despite green lights everywhere else.

    I can enter a fast green flashing mode, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I can't get past this step.
  • Also tried SteamVR is same config. It shows that the HMD and base station are live and tracking. I'm guessing it is using the OSVR tracking and not Nolo for HMD, but maybe that helps. Also, I have tried with and without the HDK2 IR tracking camera turned on. Doesn't seem to make much difference.

  • Hi bobcat, i was having the same trouble as you. Turns out that a lot of people with the HDK2 where having the same problem. Head over to the OSVR reddit page
    and install the "NOLO OSVR Fusion Configuration" drivers. All the info is there.          

  • Jon, thanks for the help. I followed the instructions and it worked! It appears that the room tracking of the Nolo replaces the IR camera on the HDK2. That gets me thinking about how to configure them both for better tracking... 
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