The lack of feedback and updates from the developers is putting me off buying a NOLO.

I see a lot of threads where folks are asking for developer comments/feedback but they don't seem to respond.

Is this just a recent issue or have the devs always been like this.  Is the situation likely to improve in the future?


  • There are a few factors at play:

    - Language difference
    - Cultural difference
    - Time difference
    - Rumoured upheavals in the company

    This is essentially (at this stage) a Developer/Beta product. If you're willing to put up with buggy software etc. to have early access (or are actually planning on developing something with this) then have at it. Otherwise it may be worth waiting until the software reaches 1.0, although it is mostly usable at this point.

    They are still releasing updates, so it doesn't appear to be dead (or dying). The hardware is promising, and they are getting somewhere (albeit much more slowly than we'd all like) with the software.
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