Revive working with Nolo?

I am using the actual version of revive ( and also the acutal version of Nolo.
Steam is in Betamode
But I couldn start any Oculus game at the SteamVR dashboard. For example
Dreamdeck is starting at the monitor, at the HMD its loading and both controllers vibrating nonstop.
When I want to start Luckys Tale, its also loading and after one minute it returns to steam home.
Whe I start Luckys Tale in Steam, revive is popping up for a part of a secound and then its losing again.
Is revive working for you?


  • I was given this advice on the RiftCat blog:

    Try older version 1.1.6 of Revive

  • Use Revive 1.1.8 or earlier (or the new Beta). There is a bug/feature in recent versions of Revive that prevents it from working on "virtual" headsets.
  • Great, thanks guys :) Its working with the 1.2 Beta!
    Last question: I think about to buy robo recall. Does it still work with the RoboRevive?
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