My second NOLO just arrived!

For anyone who just ordered a NOLO in the most recent pre-order round and was wondering when it might arrive, I can confirm mine has arrived today (I paid for the extra cost DHL shipping, and live in Canada).

It looks great just like the first one, but I noticed a few extra bits of hardware in there I didn't get before which is cool too! I am guessing the adjustable band might be for the cable?


  • Hmm they didnt mention this addition, probably cos it would cause a lot of people to complain about it.

    Obviously the usb hub is so that you can use the 5m cable; we know it's too long to be powered by one usb port, so as we can see from your image, they have made it so that you can use a second usb port for the extra power needed to use it.

  • Good point! I hadn't thought of that.
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