Nolo CV2?

Hey Nolo, in the past you have said that you are working on a second product.

I was wondering if this is true?

And if it is, Will it be Nolo CV2?

Of course you might not be working on a Nolo CV2.

But if you are, will the people who bought Nolo CV1 receive the Nolo CV2?


  • Haha, they didn't even come close to finishing this one yet! I sincerely hope they're not working on CV2 right now, as CV1 is barely working... What they do need to do is figure out whatever they need to figure out to sell CV1 for $99, it is too expensive for what it is at $199, or even $149. And get it working of course!
  • A good "CV2" at this stage would be to get CV1 working with multiple base stations (for proper room scale). They can sell "front facing" CV1 for $99, and room scale CV1+1 for $149, or +1 upgrade for CV1 for $49. Then they would sell a lot of them, get "de facto" in that market and have money/interest for an actual CV2... :wink:
  • I doubt that the nolovr team will gift the CV2 to CV1 suporters... and no complains there... but yes, a lot of development needs to be done to make the actual CV1 fully usable. Once achieved, the CV2 should start...
    Maybe, the CV2 includes full 360 tracking with 2 or more base stations, and analog trigger for the controllers... but only time will answer...
  • "NOLO_TEAM: Sorry for the late reply.Originally NOLO was made for Mobile VR. Considering the affordability and ease of use, we do not have a plan for the second base station yet.But we are working to make a new product to provide a better experience."
  • I think they may be working on a second product...
  • edited October 2017
    The mobile VR isn't getting content fast enough sadly, but it's very fun to play without wires and a PC needed.

    As for the talk of a 360 degree setup, I still use my Oculus Rift in front-facing only and love it (use WalkinVR or Driver4VR to gain extra rotation on Steam games, and Rift games are designed for thumbstick rotation or rotation + teleportation), so it's not "awful" that NOLO is 180 degrees only. The bigger issues of single base station is that hands can block each other and the headmarker.
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