iVRy driver support for PSVR and OSVR HDK2 coming soon

The high performance native SteamVR driver for the iVRy iPhone/Android app has got preliminary support for PSVR and OSVR HDK2 headsets. The NoloVR support in the driver will work with those headsets as well. It's not available publicly at present, but is on track for late October/early November release.


  • oculus dk2 work with osvr server. you driver will be work with dk2?)
  • There isn't a plan to support Oculus DK2 at this point, because it already has a working SteamVR driver.
  • PSVR working well with iVRy and NoloVR. Single SteamVR driver supports iOS, Android, PSVR and NoloVR.

  • I am looking forward to your PSVR support.  I started trying to get into SteamVR content with my PSVR using TrinusPSVR but then switched to using iVRy with my iPhone 6+ and iPhone X inside a Stark Focus VR headset enclosure and the NoloVR because I was so very impressed with your driver and IOS App.  I hope that your driver for PSVR can give me a better experience than I had with TrinusPSVR.
  • I only tried TrinusPSVR once and couldn't really get it to work properly. I have iVRy running very smoothly (comparable to Vive/Oculus) at 90FPS when using the PSVR IMU. At present it can be used with orientation only tracking using the PSVR IMU, or it can use NoloVR tracking (which at 60FPS is not as smooth as Vive/Oculus tracking), like the iOS/Android version (as it is using the same driver).
  • In any case, I'll probably release a beta soon for NoloVR users. I'm trying to sort out distribution for it via Steam, but that will take at least 30 days to arrange.
  • I'm very happy with the performance of this driver, it's possible to run PSVR at 1920x1080@120FPS with no skipped frames.
  • Wow great work...I am very much looking forward to this update.
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