Handcontrollers keep timing out and drifting.

i have 2 issues now when pimax finally fixed their driver so i can use NOLO with Pimax 4K

1. My handcontrollers keep timing out when i play and i have to restart them by pressing the powerbutton, this happens even when i'm using them in the game, so it seems they are only on a time. very annoying when playing tetherd for example.

2. i have frequent rotationdrift of the handcontrollers, sometimes they start to turn at something like 90degress in 3 seconds, this happens seemingly random and i can stop the turning somtimes by shaking the controller but always by resetting it by holding the powerbutton a little while.

How does the tracking work? what affects the tracking? is it light? 
I used a trackir before i got my HMD and the software for that had a window to see what the sensor was seeing. that was very helpful. does your driver have something similar?


  • 1. How often did the controllers turn off? Please try to fully charge the controllers.

    2. Before you start playing, please face the base station and place the headset on the ground, then double click the pair button on the controller to calibrate the height and positive direction first. While in game, you can double click the power button on the controllers to recalirate the orientation.

    As for the tracking, strong light and ultrasound will affect the tracking.Currently we only provide a visualizer in NOLO driver to check the performance,but it's not available on Piplay yet.

    Sorry for the problem caused.
  • i don't know the exact frequence but it's below 10 minutes and it happens with fully recharged controllers.

     ok.. i usually do roomsetup in steamvr every playsession, i'll try the reset on the floor when i get home. (currently at work).

    is monitor considered strong light?
    what frequency ultrasound? i've got my basestation in a bookshelf.. and my playing space is not uniformly shaped.. that might affect soundwaves.. 
    have you got any idea what can cause the spinning controller? 
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