SteamVR not working with Nolo

Hi, whenever I try to launch steamvr using nolo with trinus or riftcat, steamvr launches, and before you can even see the menu it instantly closes and you have to re-install it to get it working again, I don't have any idea on how this happened or how to fix it, please someone help!


  • Can someone just take the time to help? This is a serious problem that renders Nolo useless right now.
  • 41 People have looked at this and have not said a word, jesus christ HOW HARD IS IT TO HELP SOMEONE.
  • Sadly for me, don't know what can be happening. Did you try reinstalling steamvr?
  • What's your PC specs?

    Also, people who see it might not be using the same setup (eg: Pimax + PiPlay instead of RiftCat or Trinus), so just because there's lots of views I wouldn't be surprised when it takes a few days for people to respond.

    Try using NOLO in wireless mode if the desktop software is crashing Steam VR
  • @Pigney Which version of NOLO driver and RiftCat were you using?

    While SteamVR crashes, could you try to shut down SteamVR in the task manager first then restart it on RiftCat?
  • Problem fixed itself over time somehow, thanks for the help anyway!
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