hi, just got my NOLO and have been testing the demos and looking around the documentation. has anyone tested using NOLO in conjunction with WebVR? I've found that SteamVR controllers can be recognized and used as 6DoF motion controllers in Three.js so I'm sure a little work there could get the NOLO controllers and headset tracking in the wired SteamVR mode.. But might it be possible to recognize NOLO with the Web Gamepad API? like this: https://github.com/stewdio/THREE.VRController ;

let me know if you have any experience or interest in this


  • Very interesting,I will have a try.
  • AFAIK, for Nolo to be recognized in WebVR, support would have to be added to the browser itself.
  • If your controllers (and HMD) are working with SteamVR, then you should be able to use them for WebVR. Can't speak for other browsers, but in Firefox, WebVR is supported via SteamVR, OSVR and Oculus. Unless (exclusive) apps want to block other HMDs/controllers they do not care what hardware you are using. In my driver (and AFAIK also Nolo's) the NoloVR controllers are reported as Vive controllers, so even exclusive apps cannot tell the difference.
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