Things are looking up!! Hopefully...

As the title says, this looks like it could be a very good month for those of us that have held on to our Nolo's. The announcement yesterday from Nolo that there will be a firmware upgrade and driver upgrade is fantastic and hopefully it will solve most of our issues.. However there are another 2 potential big releases in the pipeline. 

Riftcat 2.0 is also due hopefully at the end of the month and is sounding good It sounds like the Riftcat guys have done a lot of work on their new version and especially with Nolo in mind.

Lastly, but no less important is the android version of iVRy software, this is supposed to be pretty imminent as well and fingers crossed will be ready soon. I have high hopes for this as I believe it works well on the Iphone and I will buying it when it's released.

I hope that there is still some life in the Nolo equipment as I think it has huge potential and I'm glad to see that people are still trying to get it to where it should be.. 


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    Yeah about that...  :D Yeah right!
  • Actually, the latest update has improved things for me, definitely tracking better and throwing better, but from your other thread i think you are having other issues, I'll reply in that one about them.
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