After firmware update: headset at floor level in SteamVR cardboard + GearVR wireless not working

Hello, today i did the firmware update. I have two headsets: S8+Gear VR and an Android 7 + Cardboard. Windows 10, RiftCat (tried both beta 1.5 and stable). Setup Cardboard + SteaMVR: head at or below floor level. Any attempt to do Room Setup creates Nolo 0.11 driver problems. After restarting driver, room setup is lost and head is at floor level. Setup S8+Gear VR 2017. Wireless not working anymore. Should I wait for RiftCat 2? Or is there anything I can do to work again?


  • Did you reset all data files of the app between switching the gearVR and the cardboard version? The actual 1.5 vridge have that issue....
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