Pimax + Nolo Ceiling mode in Steam

Hello there, I'm making this post per request from a facebook chat.

I've purchased nolo specifically to upgrade my pimax to play steam vr more like the Vive headset without having to re-purchase a full VR system from the ground up.

I've been anxiously waiting for Nolo's 0.11 update to include the Ceiling mount option in order to try it out. So far, here are the things i stumble across.

Once i set up the base station in my improvised ceiling mount: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/23549999_2377517892474056_4495113448474857478_o.jpg?oh=5c0e92b90d3dfae520190c9bdeea1786&oe=5ACE69DF
(sorry for poor image quality, basically a board with a tapered hole that i mount in the rafters of my ceiling)

I now try to use the ceiling mounted setup on steam, but steam seems to think the base station is still dead ahead.

So the first thing i wish to point out is the nolo tool seems to reset itself every time it's restarted. Not that this should technically be an issue, just keep the nolo tool running, but in order to not have 4 controllers floating around while i use my Pimax, i need to only have the pimax tool running and not the nolo. Regardless, here is a short recording of this occurrence: https://puu.sh/yva5Q/be215241f9.mp4

While setting up my nolo ceiling mounted system, i make sure the headset and controllers face the same direction as the top of the base station, while it's facing down. illustrated here: https://puu.sh/yvdbd/5bad0cd8c6.png From the viewer's perspective, we are facing directly down.

As long as i maintain this perspective for my setup, the visualizer correctly moves my headset and controllers. shown here: https://puu.sh/yvakX/5d8a96f67f.mp4

I follow the steps of the standing perspective, the same issue happens with room scale setup so this setup takes less time and effort. During setup, my controllers and headset are on the floor, still in the same direction as illustrated in my scetch.
Here is the setup process: https://puu.sh/yvat8/19b8fc34d1.mp4

Finally, after performing this setup, i get to try and move around in steamVR, only to find that steam reads all data from the ceiling mount as if it were stood upright in front of me. meaning that if i move the headset up to meet my face, in VR i move forward towards the base station. If i lean forward and back in real life, in VR i move up and down as if my base station is looking at a wall with me walking across it like some gravity defying... thing....
Footage here: https://puu.sh/yvaw0/e604a46249.mp4 This is taken mere minutes after the visualizer correctly moved my headset around. This happens both when i keep the nolo tool turned on as well as turned off. Turning off the pimax tool also yields no different results.

So there is as much footage as i think i can make. I hope this helps then Nolo team in finetuning compatibility with Steam. I personally think this is mostly a compatibility issue between nolo, steam and pimax when used in unison with all three.


  • Thanks for the detailed footage! Pimax will be releasing the update supporting the ceiling mode soon. Please stay tuned
  • ehm no..., or you have a very different definition of "soon", there's still nothing.
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