Cannot get my basestation to track my hmd or controllers

I have got a major problem with my Nolo VR... no matter what I try the light on the basestation always stays red and even tough I have paired the HMD & Controllers (Their lights are green), the basestation never turns green. When I test it in the Visualizer, I can see that rotation tracking works great for both the headset and controllers but they do not track positionally. What am I doing wrong? I am pulling out my hair on this... please help!


  • So more to add from further testing... I noticed in one of the Nolo videos on Youtube that the basestation IR lights will flash on the front of the basestation when it turns on. I have an old camera that can see IR and I tested this by turning the basestation on and watched for the lights through the camera. As expected, no lights came on which tells me that my basestation is not tracking positionally because it is not sending out the IR beams that it uses for tracking. Any suggestions?
  • A few videos I made quickly to demonstrate the problem with the base station. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello James, We have sent an email regarding the base station issue, please check the mail.
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