Steam vr showing 4 controllers

Ever since I updated the firmware, steam vr now shows 4 controllers connected and upon starting it up, the added controllers keeps spazzing out and taking screenshots and what not. It's to the point of I can't even play or do anything. I've done everything to fix it but to no avail. Anyone have any help?


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    hmm, i have this problem too, it is just visual but it will be good if someone will fix this
  • Please make sure the NOLO driver is not running while using NOLO with PiMax 4K.
  • @admin i don't have a pimax and have the same issue, but only visual and not always, its strange.
  • Hi @popos1,

    What headset and other vr-related softwares (riftcat, trinus...) are you using? 

    As for Pimax or other hmds that run with their own drivers, please keep the nolo driver closed while playing with these hmds.

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