Any way to turn base station remotely on and off?

At least in ceiling mode it's unpossible to reach the base station without a ladder. I wish it didn't have a battery, than I could turn it off by pulling off the USB power supply. Is there any way to turn it on/off 


  • I've already asked about the same thing, but no response so far...
  • Currently we don't have this option but our dev team is already evaluating it, as we've received similar demands recently.
  • This affects 100% of customers that use the ceiling mount option. Turning something on and off is the most basic thing anyone can think of. I bet this can be implemented in less than 5 minutes, so evaluating this for half a year instead of just doing it is really shady.
  • @Fabian1 Don't take it as a "shady" thing from them... The guys at Lyrobotix use to take an incredibly enormous too much time to think on things >:) ... The good think for them, is that they don't think about eating or breathing, they just do it, so that's how they survive... ;) :D
  • Ok, at least they are alive, I wasn't sure. So there is still hope. I'm an expert for rocket science and an on/off-button-consultant, let me know if you need help.
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    Do you have a power cable to the base station running across the ceiling?

    The only way a low power "listen" mode makes sense is if the base station has constant power.

    Otherwise, your play sessions will get pretty short as the base station is the first one to lose charge (no wonder since it has two motors running at all times)

    If NOLO team make it so plugged in is always listening for signal, and then the head marker handles whether base station is in sleep or "ON for real mode", it should work okay.
  • Yes, I have a power cable running across the ceiling.
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