"Sink into the floor or fly away" issues with latest USB HID

So, I've been promoting NoloVR a bit via Twitter and have found that several users are reporting that the Nolo tracking goes out after a while and the tracking either causes the user to "sink into the floor or fly away". This is creating bad publicity for NoloVR, as it's in the spotlight rather than hidden away on these forums. What's up @admin and how do we fix this before the collective focus moves away from NoloVR for good (no 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!)?


  • @admin ; I would put all of your resources onto making very sure the USB-HID driver works 100+%. The messages I'm getting are along the lines of "I had more or less given up on using Nolo until I tried your software. It works well, but the bugs in Nolo are making it impossible to use for any amount of time. I'm putting it back in the box and am looking for replacements for it".

    If I get many more of these kinds of messages and am unable to work around the NoloVR bugs with my software I will simply stop promoting it. QOE (Quality of Experience) rules dictate that things which reduce the QOE must either be fixed or dumped. Obviously I can't let the Nolo software drag the QOE of my software down.
  • PS. There is a blog doing a live-stream of iVRy and NoloVR on Friday. Today is Tuesday. Get moving! :wink:
  • Hi there @iVRy , we have contacted the user regarding the issue of 'sink into the floor or fly away'.  
  • @admin Thanks for the quick response. Let's sort out the remaining issues as quickly as possible. iOS iVRy is really taking off, and I'm just about to release the Android version. How quickly we fix these issues will determine where we go from here (once the Android version is out, I expect interest in Riftcat and Trinus will drop off quickly - pretty much every Android user that's tried iVRy has said they've lost interest in those other 2 apps as a result).
  • So I hear you're going to release iVRy android version soon? o_o
  • @Pigney "I'm just about to release the Android version" - you read good! :p

    Waiting on Google to finalise app store stuffs, and final round of testing. Expect it to go live within the next week...
  • edited December 2017
    @iVRy Great! Lost all hope with riftcat and trinus, so with the reports you got from android users, I hope it can do the same for me as it did for them!
  • @Pigney ; Hope it isn't a victim of too much hype. Had best intentions to release it in Aug/Sep, but no such luck (and probably very unrealistic in hindsight)... Better not to leave people waiting for months... :/

  • @iVRy Based on my experience of only having nolo work a total of about 6 times and the other roughly 46 times nothing worked, I have a lot of expectations that it will not work, but based on other reviews seems like it should so I have hope!
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