Controllers not centering properly in Steam


They look good when double clicking the power buttons in Nolo visualiser, but when I do the same in Steam I seem to turn around, and they appear behind me, as if the double power click also serves to turn me around in Steam, and it's confusing the centering.

If that is the problem I can't see how to stop it turning me around?



  • Which driver are you using? I found I had to offset the position a bit when doing the "turn around" in my driver. However, it's the "menu" button that does the "turn around", and not "power". "Power" is Nolo shortcut for recenter. All of this is part of the Nolo driver/firmware, so there's not much that can be done to counteract it.
  • Are there multiple drivers I could be using? My setup is PSVR + Trinus + Nolo, with just whatever drivers was suggested by each.
  • @joshtest123 ; Sounds like Trinus issue in that case. If you can wait a month or so, there will be a iVRy PSVR driver (developed by me)... ;)
  • I will give it a go :)

    Where can I check to see if it's done? Thanks
  • @joshtest123 ; You will see it on here, and on my twitter:

  • thanks, will keep an eye out for it
  • My PSVR set up will not work (having an odd, unsolvable inverted positional tracking issue) and my Nolo has been collecting dust for 3 weeks...iVRy If you pump out that PSVR driver before Trinus gets its act together, you will have stolen at least one customer (probly more, im not the only one with this issue)! Ill be waiting lol
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