Tracking Pad and Vr height

As written in the title I have a problem about tracking specially in boxing game the problem is I cannot track properly specially over my head(head punch) and my height I about 124 cm and I am 174 I don' know how to adjust.


  • Hi @snikege ,

    As for tracking area in this scenario - 

    i. Please go through room setup again as detailed below: 
        step 1. Place the headset (with headset marker mounted) on the floor facing base station; base station is at about shoulder level and the distance between base station and the player is about 1.5m ~ 2m;
        step 2. Press the pair button on the headset marker; 

    ii. Please try to stand farther from the base station and see how the tracking would be; 

    iii. Please try to place the base station at a bit higher place;  

    Please let us know if there is any other issues, thanks! 
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