steam vr doesnt read my controllers

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nolo server reads both two controllers, but steam vr says they are not on. how can I fix it?


  • I have the same problem. Nolo controllers are all paired with solid green lights. However Steam VR doesn't recognise them.  Have tried unplugging and reconnecting headset marker and re-pairing doesn't work.
  • In my case I'm trying to get the Nolo controllers working with Pimax 4k headset, Piplay and Steam VR.

    When I launch Steam VR from Piplay it does not recognise the controllers.  There is a green icon for the headset, but the icons for the controllers do not appear.  If I got to room setup Steam VR says the controllers are off.

    Inline image


    The Nolo controllers are paired with all green lights on.  They are fully charged and connected according to the instructions. Reconnection and re-pairing does not solve the problem.

    I have followed the instructions here: Pimax

    I have stalled Piplay version 1.2.85 from here: MEGA
  • @admin how can we resolve this?
  • Hi @minshik ,

    i. What headset are you using?
    ii. What is the OS of your computer? 
    iii. Also, what are the software version of the vr-related programs? (such as riftcat, trinus, nolo driver, etc.), thanks! 

    Hi @yippieyiho , please refer to the reply in another thread (, thanks!
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