I'm getting a trouble with unity and steamVR.

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I have asked a help already. I really want to know how can I solve this problem.

I have to room set up on the steamVR every time when turn on the PC. 

If I reboot my PC then I have to run the run room setup of the steamVR. 

because headset position always put on the floor in the VR space.

So my another issue is can't use all button of controller on the unity. 

I'm developing the PC openVR version app. If I run the project then controller's model turned to black valve controller. and do not response all button. 

And I have installed the NoloVR driver for the windows. but it also same thing.

I saw the documents of the noloVR SDK. but there is described only for the mobile's cardboard or google daydream or occulus etc... 

Please let me know how can I store the setup value of the steamVR's room. 

and what should do I do use to the noloVR controller on the unity?

I'm getting error "Assertion failed on expression: 'CompareApproximately(det, 1.0F, .005f)'
" all time... 

So If I use the NoloVR unity package then... it will getting crash down the unity program... all time... it's really horrible.... what version will be fine to use the noloVR?
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