Any way to use nolo vr with an htc vive headset?

I bought used htc headset without base stations and controllers (it was REALLY cheap) and i have nolo vr. Tried to connect them altogether and here what i got: controllers seems to be detected as usual, hmd itself too, but it doesn't have neither positioning nor orientation. So, is there any way to make Steam vr think that nolo station and headmarker are actually lighthouse box and HMD, or some utilities that can accept nolo hmd positioning/orientation data and output it as lighthouse data?


P.P.S. Sorry for bad english


  • NOLO isn't the same tech/design so you won't really be able to use its base station to track your VIVE at all.

    That said, can you get anything to display on the VIVE? You might be able to use RiftCat still with NOLO and a junk Android phone (that is set to lowest quality/unused) to make them all kinda "work".

    The trick there would be to use:
    VIVE for display, with a NOLO head marker on top
    NOLO controllers
    NOLO desktop software
    RiftCat desktop + Android phone software (and phone either tethered or 5GHz AC WiFi, and lowest quality settings)
    And then somehow mirror the desktop into VIVE

    It'd probably be a very CPU/GPU intensive/glitchy approach though, so your best bet is to instead go and collect the rest of a Vive setup now that you have the first piece of gear (the most expensive individual part?)
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