The trackpad is strange in VRChat

The behavior of the trackpad is strange.
I am using NOLOVR with VRChat.
Jump by pressing on the trackpad of the right controller.
You can jump several times, but after a while it will be impossible to jump.
Then, also with the trackpad of the right controller, movement of the viewpoint of counterclockwise rotation is suspicious behavior. There are times when it works, but there are more cases when it does not respond.

These are not VRchat, but other, for example TALOS.

Is there any solution?


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    Hi @MinaF

    Would you please check the signs of the right controller in the Visualizer from Nolo driver; in the visualizer, please look for the white dot on the touchpad and see if it is responsive to your operations, if possible please shoot a short video showing the issues.

    How about the performance of the other (the left) controller? Please feel free to send related files to
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