Nolo Home beta released! I recommend playing Alien Attack.

Check right now and you will notice the new updated website! Out of the 5 games on Nolo home, I would recommend Alien Attack, because I couldn't stop playing it.


  • Where did you download it from? I can't seem to find a link that actually does something.
  • You have to download the apk from this website and install it on your phone I think it's only android though don't know if there's any iOS support. 
  • Nolo doesn't support iOS at the moment, has no plans to support iOS, and probably can't anyway (for technical reasons) with the current hardware.
  • I can't get this to work either. Downloaded the Daydream version and I just get a message saying I have an incompatible headset. I have the second Daydream View. The other games either crash or ask me to put my phone in the headset. These guys are about as good at making software as I am. I just imagine the three stooges are working on the software.
  • Hi @Failrunner,

    - For headset issue, please try to change the type of the default headset in settings.

    - For applications, please refer to Step 4 in Daydream tutorial on NOLO HOME. "Place your smartphone on the Daydream front panel. After the Daydream platform pops up, close Daydream software. Launch the installed Mobile VR application (Daydream version) that downloaded from NOLO Home."

  • I finally got to play it. Only the Daydream version works. I tried the cardboard version on two different phones and when I got into the game I couldn't shoot or select anything in the menus.
  • I could use it perfectly fine, that's weird.
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