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The world's first ever 6-DoF Mobile VR application platform for smartphone now comes alive. Currently it is in the beta stage and offers 5 games (Lite) for Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR (coming soon). 

Get started with NOLO HOME is easy. With simple steps - Open, Install and Play. Open NOLO HOME; Install application selected from NOLO HOME on the phone; Play with the application on the phone with NOLO CV1. 
NOLO HOME offers exclusive 6-DoF Mobile VR applications such as series of games. Meaning that with the smartphone in your pocket, you may access a world beyond imagination, interact with the virtual character or environment in a natural way benefit from 6-DoF operations.  

For anyone interested in developing splendid applications - users from over 66 countries will get involved with your work here at NOLO HOME. NOLO provides Android SDK, Unity SDK, Unreal Engine 4 SDK and Windows SDK that are all downloadable at NOLO Official Site. Each SDK lets you port the VR games to Android mobile platform within short period of time. We hope that with the SDK and other related support provided, developers would be thriving in blasting off the potential and offering the world the most stunning VR applications. Get in touch - please send the materials of your application at We will get back to you soon. 

In a word, NOLO comes with the vision of bringing our global users a virtual world simply in your pocket to spark curiosity and to start exploration; and possibly altering our lifestyles in the future.

Now unwrap this virtual world in your pocket at


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