Vive base station conflict with nolo possition

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After many houres of trying to make the nolo work, i made an important discovery.

If i do not turn on the vive base station in my room, then nolo work and track good.
But when i turn on the vive bases station then the nolo controllers begin to shake and the controllers move like the wind blows all over the place.
With other words, the nolo base station and vive base station conflict with each other.
I presume that the Vive base station LED/Laser signal comfuse the nolo system.

I am also able to use the controllers if i turn off nolo base station and use the vive base station instead, however they shake a bit and are unprecise.

So i was wondering how do i solve this "conflict"  so i can turn on Nolo and vive base station at the same time ??

Also I see 4 controllers in steam VR, 2 nolo and 2 steam though i only have 2 nolo controllers. How can i solve this issue ?


  • Yes, Nolo and Vive use some ir beams from the base to the controllers, so thats why you can´t use both at the same time in the same room. Also, since Nolo use ultra sound too, you can´t use the Xbox One kinect in the same room.
    The multiple controllers, don´t know...
  • Ahh okay thank you  ;-)   I had no idea.
    By the way i think maybe nolo in their FAQ guide or setup guide that people should not turn on their vive base stations. I think this will avoid allot of problems for people, and support questions for nolo ;-)
  • Truth to be said, they write it somewhere... maybe during the kickcstarter, sorry but can´t remember where... but may there is time to re-check the FAQ....
  • Hello @delevero,  

    Please check below for the recommended play area setup: 

    i. Base station is placed at shoulder level;
    ii. Stand facing base station, the initial distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle). No objects near or within the activity area (i.e. applies to areas about 1m to both left and right of the player, about 2.7m to the back of the player);
    iii. Valid tracking area would be broader as the player stands farther from base station;
    iv. No reflective objects facing the base station;
    v. No other running motors in the area;
    vi. No other similar VR devices in use at the moment (ultrasonic / laser devices such as HTV Vive, other NOLO sets, etc.);
    vii. Tracking will be lost if there is block in between base station and controller / headset marker. 

    As for multiple controllers, please send us your email address to so we can assist you. 

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