Controller Position in SteamVR

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I recently got my NOLO and have all set up and installed so far. The NOLO server recognizes all devices and everything is displayed correctly in the in-house "Visualizer" (right-click NOLO-Icon).
In SteamVR, however, the controllers are below the bottom. Does anyone know the problem and how to solve it?

Edit: I use Riftcat 2.0 with Moonlight


  • Try my app 'iVRy'. It has a free trial and many users report it solves the issues they have with other apps and NoloVR.
  • I'll give it a try. Why not.
  • So, i setup iVRy and it looks good so far. But can I play VR-Games or programms that are not in SteamVR? Even if I try to add them manually to the library (as Non-SteamVR) and start in VR it just a black screen.

    So... I can't use anything outside SteamVR?
  • nvm... i'm stupid... okey iVRy is my favorite ^^ u won
  • Don't understand your question, but glad you have it resolved. iVRy is a driver/app combination that lets you use your phone as a VR headset for SteamVR. Like a Vive, it needs SteamVR to function. If you want to run non-VR titles with it, you need to use something like VorpX (although "promoting" titles to VR in general doesn't work well).
  • Just to explain, when I started a non-Steam program, the screen has remained black. But I just had to press any key on the controller to start the program.
    We test VR environments in our own tools and I just forgot that we put a PressAnyKey function at the beginning.

    So in order to complete this topic, switching to iVRy has resolved my problem.
    Although I like the RiftCat version for the GearVR due to the sensor and thus better tracking, but right now the current version is just too buggy. 

  • @Kini I do have GearVR support on the roadmap. However, I don't expect it would help much when using NoloVR, as I've found I've had to rely solely on NoloVR tracking when using it or the experience is inconsistent.
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