New version of iVRy (1.09) available for iOS and Android

What is iVRy?

iVRy is an app for your iOS or Android device that let's you use your device, with a compatible Google Cardboard-type VR headset, as a VR headset for SteamVR and Oculus (with ReVive) PC VR titles. In conjunction with NoloVR, iVRy is able to provide full 6DOF HMD tracking and 6DOF motion controllers.

In order to use iVRy with NoloVR, a NoloVR compatible SteamVR driver for iVRy must be downloaded and installed from:

This driver is currently in BETA. For more information please refer to:

iOS app on App Store:

Android app on Google Play:


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    @iVRy I just want to say that I am impressed. I used your app for a bit today, only really trying it as a last hoorah after spending several hours messing around with and getting frustrated with the latest version of Riftcat, where it was making me feel nauseous with constant artifacting and kept crashing constantly. Your app just worked, pretty much out of the box. I was able to get it to work completely wirelessly using USB Server Here and Soundwire (both of which were very simple to setup), with no real problems (definitely giving a much better experience than Riftcat's Nolo Wireless mode). The tracking seemed a bit jumpy but I was using Wifi and it was manageable, Sadly tethering isn't really an option with my current phone as the connection isn't secure enough to maintain the usb tether, while being moved around in a VR scenario. A small suggestion would be to remember preference between a Wifi and Wired connection between closes. I really feel you should have a proper website or something as this is awesome and deserves a lot more of a spotlight. You've definitely got my money for this one.
  • Thanks! The "Wifi"/"Wired" switch in the app is to select which connection's performance settings you're editing. There is no way to switch between Wifi and USB in the app. If USB is available, it will be used, otherwise Wifi.

  • @iVRy - something new about NOLO Wireless integration in your driver? Was Android SDK updated by NOLO?

  • @djelinek No, I believe alec100_94 is using "USB Server Here", whatever that is, to use Nolo wirelessly.
  • @djelinek Implementing wireless NoloVR support in the Android app is very low down on my list of priorities.
  • @djelinek The "USB Server Here" app let you connect some usb devices to the cellphone, and share them to the pc by wifi. Nice tool, but adds some latency for my taste. I´ve use it long ago with vridge...
    So far, if you want to use fully wireless nolo, vridge is your best option... not as simple as ivry, but works (unless it decided to give problems :p )

  • @iVRy  - Thank you for the quality product. I bought the gold version.
    For tracking hands'm using PSMoveSteamVRBridge and service PSMoveService. PS move works well, except for the HMD. Tried to use driver4vr, but there does not even see the HMD service. As I understand your driver does not support PSMoveSteamVRBridge HMD. Do you plan to include support in the future? 
    Or what am I doing wrong?  If Yes where can I read?
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    @stil1234 Thanks! AFAIK Driver4VR should be able to support this configuration. According to their website:

    Head tracking for any VR Headset

    DK1, DK2, Deepoon e2, Pimax 4K, etc for:

    • FreeTrack (PSMoveService)
    I can't offer support for Driver4VR obviously, so I suggest contacting them, or reading up further on this configuration. I am planning on adding FreePIE and FreeTrack support to the driver, but can't give ETA on that at the moment.

    The Driver4VR tutorial video for head tracking:

  • @iVRy   Thanks so much.
    Try to understand driver4vr. 
     I hope that you still will be able to implement support for a Freebie and FreeTrack in your driver. I will wait for new releases :)
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