Lyrobotix this is serious, you are a big company now. My Nolo VR controller cracked from the trigger to the tracking ball. I will provide photos.
You can't let things like this happen anymore, I hope you understand that although you don't have the same amount of people that buy from you, you are still just as big with your product as the: "HTC Vive, Oculus rift, Playstation VR." You provide something just as good as those major products. So you CAN'T let things like this happen anymore. The controller cracked because of the force from the tracking ball being shoved into the tiny slot in the controller, over time that can cause pressure to build up and crack the plastic. In other words it means the tracking ball was too big and over time broke the plastic.
Please do something about this!


  • Hi @Pigney, Thank you for your feedback. The issue has been processed by our manufacturing facility already. We are also making adjustment to the hardware manufacturing. There will be improvement on the material of the upcoming batch of the product. Thank you.
  • That's good to know. Are you able to do anything about the broken controller for me?
  • Hi @Pigney, Would you please send us your order number and serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY to or via Direct Message? Thank you. 
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