Strange reaction of a controller

Sorry I'm new on the forum and French moreover.
After reading some discussions I allow myself to ask the help of the community that seems to be listening to the concerns of everyone.
I reiterate my message in English which seems to be rather the language used on this forum.
So here is my problem that maybe it has already happened to other people.
One of my controllers does not want to shut down anymore.
Apparently it is lit because when I press the start button the LED turns orange and goes off as soon as I release.
If I stay press, the controller should turn off but it stays on with the orange LED constantly.
Do not react with the little pairing button either.
Knowing that I try the update of the controller but it is indicated to me that it is up to date and that the update of the software shows me the USB sign of green color until the moment I click on " DONE "and the USB sign turns gray.
Would you have a solution?
Thanks in advance.


  • Maybe a silly question, but did you recharged it for a few hours? From what you write down, looks like no power in the controller...

    About the language used for asking questions, your best bet is to write in english or include your native language question in the same thread... I´m also a non native english speaker (spanish for me), and writting both questions in the same thread gives me the bests results so far.
  • Hi @Nicolo, Please make sure the devices have been charged; Also, have you updated the firmware? If so, please send the 'FirmwareUpdatelog.txt' to, it is under '\Documents\NOLOVR'. Thank you. 
  • Hello
    Thank you for your quick answers.
    Indeed I forgot to mention that I had reload the whole system.These the second night I leave the controller deffectueux charge several hours.

    Regarding the update of the firmware, when I click on "Firmware Update" I am told "do not connect multiple devices at the same time" that I plug a single controller or the whole system it is indicated to me the same thing, if I continue I can see the green USB signal until I click on "DONE" the USB signal will turn gray.
    Impossible to go further and update.
  • PS : Therefore impossible to have the 'Firmware Update log.txt'FirmwareUpdatelog.txt' 
    Sorry  :/ 
  • I managed to go further in the update by connecting only the faulty controller. It worked, my controller is up to date and works.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
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