Controller far from my body in steamVR

I use NOLO with PSVR trinus in steamVR 。the HMD position is right in steamVR. but two Controllers is far from my body. Even if I put them on both sides of my head
How to fix it。All the driver and firmware is new


  • Hello Mysusu. Please try tapping the home button on each controller twice, in a quick motion while facing the controllers toward the base-station (the circular camera type object directed in front of you). The home button is the one with a circle on it, at the bottom of the front of the controller.
  • edited April 2018
    Hi @mysusu, Please make sure - i) the version of TrinusPSVR is the latest, and ii) follow the PSVR tutorial for a complete setup. Tutorial link - Thank you. 
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