Nolo control to Mouse


There is any way to bind the mouse pointer to a NOLO control?



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    Hi @franzbischoff,

    Would you please elaborate the point you mentioned in the thread and send it to, so we could get a better understanding on the details of your thoughts. Thank you. 

  • Sounds like they want to be able to point at their screen like a WiiMote
  • Virtual Desktop. It's fairly trivial to make a mouse emulator with anything, however, it would be close to impossible to get the mouse pointer to be positioned exactly where you're pointing the actual control at a real screen. Virtual desktop uses a virtual screen, much easier.
  • I made a simple app using CSharp that catches the NOLO remote and move the mouse. I posted a video play a game here: 
    Need more tweaks. It is just a proof of concept.
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