Nolo compatibility with latest SteamVR

Hello, I've been using Nolo for a while but always using "openvr-inputemulator-temporary" beta branch of SteamVR to be able to use it. Now I've been testing Ivry and most recently Natural Locomotion. Both of them have to be used with stable branch, but unfortunately Nolo won't get correctly mapped it buttons. It even does not show aiming ray so there is no way to launch anything from SteamVR Home and trackpad is inverted.

Nolo team, when are you gonna update the driver to support new SteamVR input?


  • Hi @SpAiK, Thank you for your feedback. It's on the list.

    Meanwhile, you may play with Riftcat Beta 2.1.5 version -
    i) tethered mode with "Phone sensors only" selected for tracking option; or
    ii) wireless mode with "Phone orientation and FreeTrack position" (could play with SteamVR stable branch).

    We will keep you updated with the latest information on our integration with SteamVR. Thank you.  
  • Hi, the problem is that I use Nolo with OSVR HDK2 most of the time and now I want to use Natural Locomotion with it but can't because of the incompatibility.
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