USB extender

Controllers not working with USB2.0 Active extender 5m
what kind of USB extender cord do I need?


  • hmmm im only one who wants more then 4m cable?
  • Hi!! Question, when you said controller, you mean the headset marker, right? I´ve try the 3 points cable/hub included with the package with an active usb 2.0 extender, and worked like charm....
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    Yeah when i plug directly cable from marker to pc all works perfect
    But when i use 5m USB2.0 Active Extender my controllers are freezing and stop responding.... 
    Trying with usb hub included with the package and without...
  • Just to clear the idea... you are using the active extender with a different usb cable than the 4mt nolo cable provided, right? Because, the original 4mt nolo cable provided, gives a lot of problems....
  • Im using original nolo cable + USB 2.0 active extender 4.8m + Nolo UsbHub 
    in Steam VR and Nolo Visualizer head tracking work perfect, but my controllers freeze in air and dont move... just little shaking sometimes and all buttons work perfect.

    any one make a build with cable more than 4m?
  • Hi @PablosPicasso,

    Would you please download and install the NOLO Tetris from NOLO HOME and try in mobile VR mode, at the location where you played with the 4.8m extender.

    Please also let us know the behavior of the devices and the distance from your location to the base station. Thank you. 

    Mobile VR mode tutorial link: tutorial link:

  • @PablosPicasso Try using some common usb cable (cellphone maybe) with the extender, or just the Nolo usbhub. Remember that every ~4mt the usb signal is degraded, so you need some way to boost it. The active extenders use their own 5v power line to power the boost, so you need to give some extra power at the end of it to extend your cable, like some external powered usb hub...
  • i lost my dc from USB nolo Hub, can anyone send a photo how looks DC from USB Nolo Hub)))
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    It´s an standard cellphone charger with 5 volts 2 amperes... But if you are chrarging only one device at a time, a common usb port from any pc can be used...
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    Thanks all of you for a help.
    USB Hub (without DC) between Nolo 4m usb cable and Extender USB 2.0 4.8m fix the problem....

    At the end we got: Nolo headset marker+Nolo USB 4m+UsbHub Nolo+Active Usb2.0 Externder
  • Thanks for your feedback and sharing! 
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