Nolo bugs...

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1. The screen angle changes every 5~10 minutes.
(I have to press the power button twice towards the front every 5~10 minutes)

2. Occasionally, screenshots are taken automatically.

Other users are also experiencing this problem.
Please fix it.

Thank you.


  • I am using pimax4k.
  • In NOLO+Pimax cofiguration,NOLO's headset marker provides the postion and Pimax's HMD provides the rotation,so I think the first problem can be fixed by seeking support from Pimax. 
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    I mean sometimes the power button works when I pull the trigger button.
    So if I shoot a gun at the side, it will be aligned to that side.
    (Same effect as pressing the power button twice)

    I think the fundamental problem is one.
    Sometimes the power button works when I pull the trigger.
    1. Sometimes the angle changes. = Power button + Power button
    2. Sometimes a screenshot is taken = Trigger + Power button
    3. Sometimes the steam home menu opens. = Power button

    All three problems are caused by the power button.
  • Hi @starmapking

    For the angle change every 5~10 min, would you please try in the Visualizer from NOLO driver and see the behavior of the devices - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only the headset marker to PC. 

    As for controller button issues in SteamVR, it may be caused by the compatibility of SteamVR stable version (the latest) and NOLO desktop driver. It is on our list and we will be working on resolving it soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.  
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