Broken controller

Is it possible to buy a replacement controller, without buying the full package?


  • Hi @waffeins, Does the controller have any issues? Would you please send us the order number and serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY to Thank you!
  • edited May 2018
    The controller fell and the ball with sensors is moving, some plastic cracked and fell off next to the ball, trigger dose not click and the led flashing red and green. So i dont think the warranty will cover it, i want to pay for a replacement.
  • If i cant get a replacement controller i will sell my pimax 4k for 150eur and nolo for 80eur and just get windows mixed reality.
  • For after-sales inquiries, please contact our support team at, thank you. 
  • Support dose not respond maybe i shouldn't use gmail
  • Hi @waffeins

    Sorry would you please send the mail again? And please let us know that you were from the forum, thank you. 
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