two base stations

I have two base stations now, but I want to use them. If I use them, it will be a perfect room scale. How can I use them?


  • You can't. The software doesn't support such a setup. It's unknown whether the hardware is capable of using multiple base stations.
  • Hi @selees824

    The setup for two base stations is not supported at the moment. We're in the development of achieving the 360° solution. Thank you. 
  • Best bet for now is a ceiling mounted setup, as it provides the best-of-both-worlds (ease of setup with single base station, plus 360 turning). Needs a tall-ish ceiling though.

    Otherwise, WalkinVR or Driver4VR are great programs for 360 degree turning with a front-facing setup.
  • So i can set up 360 with driver4vr without mounting it on the sealing?
  • Kind of... driver4vr allows you to rotate the virtual word, so you play in 180 degree, but when needed you rotate what you need...
    The two stations config with current nolo bases is very hard to achieve, mostly because the bases uses ultrasound for tracking (like bats), and having more than one emiting at the same time gives interference and bad tracking...
  • @bigelowed ;I know it can be 360 degrees if installed on the ceiling, but it has batteries and small play areas that are dangerous and short. :(
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