Linux OSVR Driver

Is there any plan on a Linux OSVR driver?  I supported the KS in order to use NoloVR with OSVR and Linux.  Can you please create a Linux Driver for OSVR?  Or, please open source the OSVR driver so the Linux community can help make it work on linux.

Thank You 


  • bump - anything on a possible Linux and OSX driver?
  • Oh, it's possible. I've started work on reverse engineering the protocol; somebody went out of their way to encrypt the data from the Nolo, just to make it harder to use, but I got past that. A few more steps left to decode the various fields, then implement a driver for something useful, like OpenHMD, VRPN, or OSVR. LYRobotix don't seem to bother with even replying.
  • Oh Wow.  Thank you so much LoneTech for doing this!!!!  I personally have an OSVR HDK 2.0 so it would benefit me if there was a Linux driver for OSVR.  I maintain a build script for Ubuntu so if you need any  help on building osvr for linux let me know.  Another user from the OSVR reddit maintains an ARCH build too so if you need that let me know.
  • It has begun:

    This is not ready for real world use. It's tracking position, but orientation is wrong. Other fields (buttons, trackpad, and battery levels) are untested. I don't know how to even map vibration in OSVR. But it does build and run on my Linux workstation.
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