Calling Volunteers for NOLO HOME test, win $100 coupon!

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Try out some key features of NOLO HOME:
1. Including more complete games on board;
2. Supporting Gear VR version apps;
3. Enjoy a title? Purchase a complete one through built-in payment system;

Sign up for the test? Procedures:
1. A shoutout to us by Facebook DM; or comment at the event page >>> now until 7 pm, May 27 PDT;
2. Testing link will be delivered to volunteers >>> on May 28;
3. Testing in process and voluteers are welcomed to send feedback to with subject "NOLO HOME TEST" >>> May 29 until June 3;
4. Feedback will be collected and viewed, all entries are appreciated and we will choose volunteers with most valued opinions at the point, and send USD$100 coupons for purchasing NOLO CV1 to the these volunteers >>> on June 4.


  • Sign me for NOLO HOME TEST.
  • Yep, I would also like to participate.
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    @djelinek ;pls send your email adress to ,testing  link will be  delivered there 
  • @SpAiK ;Got it! Pls send your email adress to ,testing  link will be  delivered there 
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