my system menu wont work


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    Mate, you need to tell people more than that. :smiley:
  • Hi @krypto,

    Is this a controller button issue or could you please let us know more details on it? 

  • when i try to use the system menu the pointer wont come up so i cant controll it
  • I've actually just has this issue come up recently for me as well.  I haven't changed a single setting since it's worked last, but now the controllers work in games and the home button will bring up the Steam VR dashboard, but I am unable to point or select anything at all.  Makes the VR experience a whole lot more of a hassle.
  • I've been doing some research, seems like a rare problem, but others have had success by either opting out of the beta for SteamVR if they were in it, or opting in to the 3rd option 'openvr-inputemulator-temporary'.

    I'll give this a go next time, but once again, I hop on to have a lil VR fun and I sit around for a few hours troubleshooting.  Not blaming Nolo, or anything in particular (except maybe Steam), but it just really deters me from playing VR anymore.
  • Hi @krypto and @Ghostmij17

    This issue (compatibility with steamVR) would be solved in the brand new NOLO ASSISTANT that'll be released next week. 
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    @admin will Nolo Assistant replace actual software?
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    @SpAiK NOLO Assistant will replace the old NOLO driver, so please uninstall the old NOLO driver, download and install NOLO Assistant and check the behavior of devices. 

    @krypto please find the download link for NOLO Assistant below.  

    Please download NOLO Assistant (supports SteamVR stable branch) at 
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