The headset tracker is not working with native nolo driver :(

Hi to all!!
Recently the headset marker stop working with nolo original drivers. Changing the drivers to the lastest beta don´t fix the problem. With nolo tetris all works fine. In visualizer all works fine. With riftcat own drivers, all works fine. But with nolo original drivers the headset positional tracking don´t do anything. The controllers are always tracked, within riftcat, visualizer, tetris, or nolo original drivers, always work fine...
Any advise?


  • Hi @Tux0Topo

    It has been forwarded to our tech team. We'll let you know once there is any update on this issue. Thanks.
  • Thanks!! Hope to read you soon...
  • For anyone having similar issues, please double-check with connection mode, if connecting to Riftcat using wired mode, please make sure to select "phone sensors only" in the tracking options from Riftcat according to the tutorial in NOLO Assistant. 
  • Again, thank you guys!! Hope to read soon about the use with ALVR!!
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