#NOLORelease Check out full version NOLO HOME and brand new NOLO ASSISTANT!

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Meet this full version NOLO HOME on Android for 6-DoF mobile VR contents (adds support for Gear VR!) including more complete games ready for purchase; AND a brand new NOLO ASSISTANT as a PC desktop software to start your SteamVR gameplay much more easily!

Check out here for NOLO HOME at http://img.nolovr.com:8000/nolo_home/download.html, could also be found at Google Play Store; for NOLO ASSISTANT at http://img.nolovr.com:8000/NoloAssistant/NOLOASSISTANT_Setup1.1.11.exe.

This full version NOLO HOME (V1.0) includes new features:
1. Supports account register and login;
2. Adds support of games for Gear VR headset;
3. Supports game selection according to specific VR headset type;
4. Supports multiple languages (Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese);
5. Adds the genre (category) of games;
6. Adds personal account settings;
7. Adds payment system for game purchases (Paypal) and game reviews.

For games on NOLO HOME, we'll introduce more than 20 games to the platform this year!

This brand new NOLO ASSISTANT (V1.1) includes new features:
1. Supports SteamVR stable version (controller button compatibility);
2. Provides display of device battery status (in wired mode);
3. Provides quick selection of devices for setup;
4. Adds device selection of Sony PSVR and Trinus PSVR;
5. Provides quick launch of RiftCat;
6. Provides detailed user guide for setup with multiple headset models;
7. Provides push notification and message box;
8. Fixes crash issues on some of Windows 7 computers;
9. Provides refined user interface;
10. Adds support of user interface in Japanese;
11. Provides error report submission;
12. Improves user experience.

To be continued...


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