Nolo Home with Oculus Go

I'm about to order a CV1 for use with my Oculus Go, Vridge and SteamVR. I was surprised how well many games work with my 2016 MBP running Riftcat in Windows bootcamp, so I figure I would extend the fun.

I'm also interested in how Nolo Home may support the Go. Would sideloading the Nolo Home app onto the Go allow direct installation of purchases? (I doubt it) Alternatively, would sideloading each purchase individually work? Also, on the Nolo Home store, I have to chose between the GearVR and various cardboard units. Is the GearVR version the correct one.



  • Please install and launch NOLO HOME and login to personal account. Then purchase and download game from NOLO HOME app. Then extract the apk of the game and install it on the Go. Please select Gear VR as headset in NOLO HOME.  
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